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The main purpose of this project is to popularise astronomy. We are trying to do so by creating a DIY telescope in a fun way.  It will be built using relatively cheap and accessible materials.

    The project will be accessible to a wide audience. People will be able to do it by themselves, because all of the DIY files will be shared on our website. 3D printing currently is accessible to anyone at a low cost and allows to create the pieces of furniture needed.

    Also, it should be emphasized that a telescope made by yourself will be much cheaper than a ready-made one. This is possible, because one can decide from which materials and at what price levels one wants the telescope to be.

    Additionally, as I am doing this as a student with my teacher, this project could inspire other students to do something productive. Many wrongly think that science is reserved to professional scientists. I am persuaded that students need to believe in themselves.

    By making it inspiring, accessible and cheap we hope to popularise astronomy.

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