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Aleksy: my whole childhood was about looking at the sky with my dad. I’ve always been curious about the Universe. Ever since I observed the cosmos, I always wanted to get a closer view. The way to fulfill this dream was building a telescope.


I met Jakub at Adamed SmartUp when he was giving a talk on his discovery of a new type of pulsars. His speach was really interesting and I immediately related to his passion about astronomy. He sat next to me when he was finished. When I thanked him, we shook hands and in that moment, he saw that we had exactly the same watch. I remember vividly what he said: “Buddy, we gonna be friends!”. Then, I knew I had to find him and ask him whether I could be his student. During our first session, I mentioned the idea of building a telescope and sharing it with others. He agreed immediately and the rest is history...

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