• aleksychwedczuk

First light

The goal of this session was to test our prototype and to see if we would be able to see craters on the moon. We worked for this moment for a long time already so we were really looking forward to seeing the results of our work.

We started by preparing a simulation at what time the moon is going to be at the best place, so we would be able to see it perfectly. We had to check the weather so there were no clouds. Then, we moved our prototype from our laboratory to the main room in my school, we opened the window and point our telescope to the moon.

There was a lot of wind that day and we did not want our telescope to move, so we fixed it. For this purpose we used wood. Then, we launched our Raspberry Pi3 camera so we would focus our image with our homemade focuser.

After all the preparations, we were finally ready to start taking pictures of the moon with the camera connected to the Raspberry Pi3. After spending half an hour on being amazed about the results we used Photoshop to make the pictures more clear.


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