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First steps

On our first session, we were examining what we want to do. We envisioned a portable and precise telescope that could take photo. We wanted it to be portable because then we would be able to use it wherever we want to. Also, it had to be able to take photos because we wanted to have proof of our observations. That session lasted for 1,5 hour.

Then, we created an optical bench out of wood, so we would be able to put furniture on it and test it properly. To create it we were cutting boards and fixing materials. Also, in the meantime, we were testing the Raspberry Pi 3 (our computer) and its camera to see whether it was working. When we were sure that everything was performing its function, we took out the lens from the camera. Thereby, we ensured it would not focus on everything around, but only on the mirror in front of it. This took us 3 hours.

On our second session, we tested the camera without the lens to see if it was working. After this, we calibrated the mirror by pointing a laser onto it to see where it was reflecting on the camera. Since this was a difficult task to do, it took us 3 hours.

The next step was to build a focuser so we would be able to move the camera and the mirror very accurately. To create it we used wood, screws and nuts. After this, we stabilized the mirror and the camera so it would not move because of wind or vibration. This step’s duration was about 3 hours.

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