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This weekend we continued our work on some 3D printed prototypes. We received a new mirror holder and the back part of our telescope. The back part of the telescope is important because with it we can control how the mirror moves and focus the image. Also, we created a new model of a mirror holder since the one we were testing needed to be replaced. After this, we placed the whole structure into the tube and observed if it was strong enough to hold the mirror.

On Sunday, we established a plan for our future sessions. We agreed that we had to test every piece of furniture again so there would not be any mistake. Also, we thought that it is crucial to cut our tube to the size of our telescope. We used a laser cutter for precision. We designed a 3D printed focuser and sent it to the agency that prepares 3D prints for us. We prepared all the items that we will be using next session: springs, hexes, 3D prints etc.

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