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Tripod and first 3D printed object

The goal of this session was to create a tripod, prepare our tube for use and work on our first 3D printed object - the mirror holder. That meant a lot to me because it was the first time we switched from working on wood to 3D printed materials. This was a breakthrough in our work.

We started our session with its most interesting aspect - finding a way to fit our mirror in its holder. To do so we heated our piece in an oven, so the plastic would be more malleable. Then we saw that our mirror was too big and that it would not fit.

After this, we had to prepare our tube for future work so we painted it with a black spray. We did it outside of the school so nothing would happen to the furniture in the classroom. This was also great fun because for a moment I felt like a professional graffiti artist.

For the last two hours of our session, we concentrated on creating a tripod that would be big and hard enough so it would hold our telescope. Firstly, we brainstormed and came up with an idea that satisfied both of us. We started cutting and preparing wood so we would be able to build it. Everything was going well until the moment when we were stuck with a piece that would not fit but we solved the problem. At the end of the session we fastened the tripod to the tube.

I am very happy with the good work we put on during that 3.5 hour session with Kuba. We did everything that we wanted to. Also, we established a plan for our next session. We will be working on more 3D printed pieces and start changing parts made of wood into 3D printed materials.

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